Top 7 Best Electric Pruning Shears

Electric Pruning Shears


What is a Garden pruning shears?

Garden pruning shears are scissors-like shaped that help chops off excess branches, stems, bushes or shrubs or scallions, limbs, etc. They are also used for shaping the plants and for trimming.

Electric pruning shears are the newest version, that can reduce the human efforts, and work in an efficient time.


As we know that your time is valuable to check every product, we simplified your options by picking up 3 ultimately ranked-blindly trustworthy electric pruning shears for you.

#Rank 1: KOMOK electric pruning shears

#Rank 2: T TOVIA electric pruning shears

        #Rank 3: SWANSOFT electric pruning shears


A little history about Garden pruning shears

Cultivation of Penjing, Bonsai, and Hon Non-Bo has been practiced worldwide for over 1000 years. To shape and trim the plants, people used to use these pruning shears, which were pure metal and were very tough to use rather than today. Although the Asian countries have originally introduced these practices, pruning shears were introduced by a French aristocrat Antoine-François Bertrand de Molleville during the 1890s.

An interesting fact is that pruning shears were called secateurs back then.

What does Research say about pruning shears?

According to Pruning shears market analysis, Pole pruners are used more across the world than two/one handled pruners, as they are used for shrubs to branches of the big trees.

Modern classifications of pruning shears

Two types are blooming in the market.

  • Chargeable power type
  • Cordless power type

But some segments are specifically used for

  • Vineyards
  • Landscaping
  • Fruit growers

Benefits of using electric pruning shears over manual pruning shears

Manual pruners have always been an enemy to the human’s shoulder, Tandon, and muscles. There were cases where patients were admitted due to pruning shear’s effects. While pruning, which exact muscle is under pressure was unclear. The problem starts when it hits the wrong muscle. There are more chances of misleading contraction.

  • It’s better to invest in a good pruning shear rather than billing hospitals due to after-effects.
  • Electrical pruners consume less time and does more work. Most of the pruning is done with ease by electrical pruners.
  • Electric pruners have lesser failure rates as per the records.
  • They give you neat results without any big effort. There will not be uneven cutting shapes anymore; hence, no sharp edges.
  • Safer than manual pruners. Manual pruners are usually cannot give the accurate results that we want. And also, sometimes they might be accidentally lead to harm, but there are lesser chances with electrical pruners in such cases.

Top 6 electric gardening pruning shears


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1.     KOHAM Professional Cordless Battery Powered

electric gardening pruning shears

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Cordless electric pruning shears, powered with a Lithium battery.

  • Packed with 2 large backup batteries that can run for at least 3-4 hrs.
  • Fast charger with two ports
  • A charger that is an anti-overcharge, heat protectant, flame retardant
  • More stable and cuts thick ends quickly with ease.
  • Blades can be replaced.
  • Preferrable for arthritis


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – Can carry anywhere and everywhere
  • FINGER PROTECTANT – We don’t have to use our two hands, and the sharp edges are at a safe distance from the handle
  • GRIPPY HANDLE – Saves us from the slipperiness
  • NO SPARK TORQUE – Protects from electric shock
  • GOOD USAGE RANGE – Can be used in gardens, parks, farms, tree pruners, orchards, grapevine cuttings, etc.

Details of the product:

  • BRAND                                              :  KOHAM
  • COLOR                                              :  BLUE
  • ITEM WEIGHT                               :  919 grams
  • STYLE                                                :  Replaceable Blades
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS                      :  36.6 L x 28.4 B x 8.6 H (cm)
  • CUTTING DIAMETERS                 :  1.2 inches (30mm)
  • BATTERY LIFE                                :  6-7 hrs (combined) with 14.4 V,2.5AH
  • BATTERY TYPE                              : Lithium-Ion Battery
  • RATING                                             4.5 / 5


Measures to be considered:

  • Don’t forget to charge the batteries for at least 1-2 hrs before usage
  • Although it is resistant to electric discharge, it’s better not to let it in contact with water.


It’s by far the best product suitable for regular gardeners, farm maintenance, and a great grapevine cutter.


2.     RYOBI rechargeable pruning shears


  • Chargeable type. Comes with a cord.
  • ACCESSORIES PROVIDED: Blade, Blade cover, charger
  • ‘Solid Blades are the best feature’ is what most of the consumer’s review claims
  • Attached is light on the tip. To get a clear view of the target.
  • Replaceable blades


  • QUICK CHARGING – Don’t have to wait for hours for it to get charged
  • PORTABLE – Can carry anytime and anywhere
  • DURABLE – Long-run product. It can be used regularly.
  • LESS HUMAN EFFORTS REQUIRED – Cuts the branches and stem-like a hot knife on butter
  • WIDE RANGE OF USE – Can be used to cut vines, wires, shape bushes & trees, cut PVC pipes, etc.

Details of the product:

  • BRAND                                –              ROYM
  • COLOR                                –              ORANGE & WHITE
  • ITEM WEIGHT                   –              100 grams
  • STYLE                                  –              Replaceable Blades
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS          –              11.81 L X 2.05 B X 3.86 H (inches)
  • CUTTING DIAMETERS      –              12mm
  • BATTERY LIFE                    –              Lasts up to an hour
  • BATTERY TYPE                   –              Lithium-Ion battery
  • BATTERY CAPACITY          –              1300mAh
  • ABOUT CHARGER             –              Power AC 100V (50/60Hz), Output voltage DC 6.3V ( 1hr to charge)
  • RATING                               –              4.5 / 5

Measures to be considered:

  • Flip the protective cover while removing the blade to surround the edges. Pull the two legs of the blade. This way, blades can be removed easily.
  • While inserting the blades push the tips into the protective cover, then the ends of the blades will straddle on a small hub. And then, make it inwards and flip the protective cover back.
  • Do it carefully without leading to any damage. Please do not force it to fit. If the blades don’t work, try setting it again.
  • Preferable only for mini time works in the field.
  • Try using the tool in a drier state.


3.     KOMOK Professional Cordless Electric Pruning Shears




1 , KOMOK electric pruning shears

1  , Tool case, 1- Work glove

1- charger

2- backup batteries

2- Allen wrenches

1- User manual

  • Embodied with Sk5 carbon steel shield
  • Powered by a brushless motor providing long motor life, more torque and power & easing of longer operations
  • LONG AND ANTI SLIP HANDLE – Anti locks the grip, avoiding slipperiness.
  • PORTABLE & DURABLE – Runs for a longer period and also can be carried anywhere at any time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY OPERATIONS – Can be carried easily without any stress and operated without any expert help.
  • Good operator for arthritis.


  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR – Better than brush motors, helps in fast charging, restrains more power, and gives a good battery life.
  • SHARP BLADES – Can cut through any tough branches or limbs without any human effort
  • LONG LIFE BATTERY – Battery runs longer than any other pruner.
  • TOUGH MATERIAL- Guarantees the sustainability of the product
  • PROVIDED WITH WARRANTY – 18 months of warranty provided
  • CORDLESS OPERATIONS – Without any strings attached.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USAGE – Can be used for many purposes


  • BRAND                                         KOMOK
  • COLOR                                –              BLUE
  • ITEM WEIGHT                   –              700g (shears), 300g (both batteries)
  • STYLE                                  –              Replaceable Blades
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS          –              11.02 L x 4.49 B x 2.52 H inches
  • CUTTING DIAMETERS      –              30mm
  • BATTERY LIFE                    –              6 -8 Hrs (Combining both batteries)
  • BATTERY TYPE                   –              Lithium-Ion battery
  • BATTERY CAPACITY          –              2Ah
  • ABOUT CHARGER             –              AC110-220V, 50-60Hz DC 21V,
  • RATING                               –              4.7 / 5

Measures to be considered:

  • The KOMOK Pruning shears are made for cutting branches, do not try cutting any metal sheets or iron pieces
  • If the pruning machine runs out of lube, try using motor oil.



4.    Serene Life PSPR170 Electric pruning shears



  • CORDLESS PRUNING SHEARS – Hassle-free carrier
  • SOLO BATTERY – Easy portable
  • IDEAL FOR – Bushes, Roses, woody stems, fresh branches
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Battery can be charged and replaced
  • WIDE RANGE OF USE – Can be used on gardens, farms, orchards, grapes, roses, cherry trees, bushes.


  • CLEAN CUT – Can cut branches and bushes without leaving sharp edges
  • SAFETY SWITCH – Do not have to put any human efforts
  • CHANGEABLE BATTERY PACK – Batteries can be changed if required
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Easy to access and operate
  • STANDARD CUT CAPACITY – Can cut branches around 0.71” & 0.98” on full charge

Details of the product:

BRAND                                –              Serenelife

COLOR                                –              GREEN

ITEM WEIGHT                   –              2.64 POUNDS

STYLE                                  –              Rechargeable battery

ITEM DIMENSIONS          –              13.31 L x 1.78 B x 4.14 H (inches)

CUTTING CAPACITY         –              0.71” – 0.98”

BATTERY LIFE                    –              6 – 7 HRS

BATTERY TYPE                   –              Lithium-Ion battery

BATTERY CAPACITY          –              2000mAh

ABOUT CHARGER             –              3 HRS OF CHARGING REQUIRED

RATING                               –              4.4 / 5

Measures to be considered:

  • If you want any part replaced, you can contact Serenelife’s customer support department. Contact number 718 535 1800. The support department is available from Mon- Fri 9 AM – 5 PM EST.


5.     T TOVIA Cordless Pruning Shears




A long telescopic rod helps easily reach targets at higher heights without needing any other tools or ladders.

– LCD screen that helps in monetarizing target branches at heights.

– A tool belt with 2 big pockets to carry the shears and their accessories along

– Hanging string – whole at the end of the pruning shears tip that can be used for hanging on the wall or any suitable place.

  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR – provides long life to the motor & high-power usage without any trouble.
  • 2 Back Packs Of Lithium Batteries that help during long operations
  • BATTERIES COME WITH USB PORT; hence the batteries can be used for any other purpose too.
  • SK5 CARBON STEEL BLADES – Strong and sharp


  • 75″ LONG TELESCOPIC ROD helps in reaching higher branches
  • 600W BRUSHLESS MOTOR – that gives 10x more service than any brushed motor
  • ADJUSTABLE BLADES – Diameters can be adjusted between 40mm – 27mm
  • WIDE RANGE OF USAGE – can be used for long pastures, orchards, bushes, apple trees, potted plants, grapevine cutters, etc.

Details of the product:

  • BRAND                                –              T TOVIA
  • COLOR                                –              ORANGE
  • ITEM WEIGHT                   –              12.97 POUNDS
  • STYLE                                  –              25v Shear w/ Pole & BATTERY
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS          –              28.5 x 10.5 x 10 inches
  • CUTTING CAPACITY         –              27mm – 40 mm
  • BATTERY LIFE                    –              12 hrs
  • BATTERY TYPE                   –              Lithium-Ion battery
  • BATTERY CAPACITY          –              2000mAh
  • MOTOR                               –              400W – 600W
  • ABOUT CHARGER             –              1-2 HRS OF CHARGING REQUIRED
  • RATING                               –              4.4 / 5

Measures to be considered:

  • press the trigger 2 times to activate the shears.
  • It tends to go into auto-sleep without any operation for 60 seconds. Try pressing trigger twice in that case
  • Follow the instructions in the manual to operate and set up the telescopic rod.


6.     SWANSOFT Electric Pruning Shears


  • CAN CUT 100 X IN A MIN – Have the capacity to run with a flow
  • CORDLESS PRUNING SHEARS – easy to carry
  • SHARP BLADES – slides into the stem and cuts down easily
  • Sk5 STEEL BLADE – stronger in quality
  • DURABLE & PORTABLE – has a long life shell.
  • GOOD FOR ARTHRITIS – takes bare human effort
  • EASY OPERATIONS – does not require any professionals to handle


  • 1 INCH CUTTING DIAMETER – preferable even for thicker stems and branches
  • 2Ah BATTERY – runs for a longer time without any trouble
  • BRUSHLESS COPPER MOTOR – less noise & more power than a usual motor
  • WIDE RANGE OF USAGE – can be used for fruit cuttings, grapevine cuttings, garden, farm, lawn, scallions, branches, bushes, shrubs, stems, etc
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – 1 cordless electric pruner
  • 2 lithium batteries (2Ah)
  • 1 charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Tool kit (includes Allen wrench, sharp stone, socket, lubricant oil

Details of the product:

  • BRAND                                –              SWANSOFT
  • COLOR                                –              RED
  • ITEM WEIGHT                   –              2.2 POUNDS
  • STYLE                                  –              Rechargeable battery
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS          –              11.34 L x 9.8 B x 3.35 H inches
  • CUTTING CAPACITY         –              0.7” – 1.0”
  • BATTERY LIFE                    –              6 – 8 HRS
  • BATTERY TYPE                   –              Lithium Polymer battery
  • BATTERY CAPACITY          –              2Ah
  • ABOUT CHARGER             –              3 HRS OF CHARGING REQUIRED
  • RATING                               –              4.5/ 5
  • RATED VOLTAGE &          –              16.8V & 300W POWER

Measures to be considered:

  • To convert the cutting diameter, hold the trigger for 2 seconds until you get a beep sound, then the diameter will convert to 1 inch – 0.7 inch and vice versa
  • Follow the manual instructions carefully
  • Keep the pruning shears away from children to avoid getting injured as their blades are too thin & sharp.

Overall conclusion:

Although every electric pruning shears mentioned are worth a trial, try figuring out what works best for you & your garden and try choosing the suitable one. Based on Research and personal views, we tried to present the best possible electric pruning shears brands available in the market.

In our view, T TOVIA electric pruning shears and KOMOK electric pruning shears rank in the first place and are suggestively suitable for any gardening & farming.

Suppose you are looking for the best of all the ranking pruning shears without hassling to search about it. Then you can blindly opt for any of these two products as they are trustworthy and has a low rate of disappointing factors.


Buyer guide

Product Suitable for Features
KOHAM electric pruners Gardens, lawns, cutting branches, orchids, grapevine cutting, etc Light weight, finger protectant, grippy handle, no spark torque, 6-7 hrs of work capacity (both batteries combined)
KOMOK electric pruners Mini trees, branches, stems, orchards, scallions, farms, parks, large pastures gardens, grapevine cutting, etc Comes with 1 working glove, Allen wrenches, tool case & batteries with charger. Brushless motor, sK5 carbon steel blade. 6-8 hrs working capacity (combining both charges)
RYOBI electric garden pruning shears Any target that is 12mm in diameter Sharp and Solid blades, can be replaced. Durable. Works for an hour with full power. Charges very quickly
Serenlife electrical pruner Any target that is 0.71 – 0.98 inches in diameter Solo battery, durable & portable. Quick charging. Preferable of home garden, green houses, rose plants, bushes. 6-7 hrs working capacity
T TOVIA pruning shears electrical Any target between 4 0 mm- 27 mm in diameter & up to 75 inches height. They are specially used for big trees, bushes & shrubs, tall & thin branches/stems, gardens, lawns, etc. Comes with telescopic rod, pouch, tool kit, multifunctional batteries along with USB port, LCD screen to monitor. brushless motor, sK5 carbon steel blades. Durable. Multi uses. 12 hrs working capacity
swansoft electric pruning shears Any target between 1 inch – 0.7 inch in diameter. Very efficient for house gardens, lawns & farms, Apple trees, cherry trees, etc. Can cut 100 times in a min. s


K5 steel blade. Cordless. Good for arthritis. Easy to use & durable. Comes with lube oil, tool kit, charger & batteries (2). 6-8 hrs working capacity