Top 6 Retractable Water Hose Reels for your Garden

Retractable Water Hose Reels

Who doesn’t love gardening? But it takes a lot of time and effort to set up a garden according to the season. If you maintain a proper method, you have to buy yourself a good quality retractable water hose reel. You need to water your saplings every day to give you fruits and flowers eventually. Having a good quality self winding garden hose reel is as important as having good quality fertilizer for your trees.

Things to keep in mind before buying a retractable water hose reel

 If you go for market research, you will see plenty of manual and retractable water hose reels. People use both of these for different reasons. Retractable ones are easy to use, easy to clean, and you can keep them in a neat condition. But if you are paying a little bit more for these facilities, you must know a few things. Before buying yourself a retractable water hose reel, you need to consider a few points.  Here are the features:

Portable one or a wall-mounted one: Both portable and wall-mounted water hose reels are available in the market. You can carry the portable one along with you easily. If you are looking for a Wall Mounted Retractable hose reel, please choose a semi-mounted one.

Hose length: If you want to water the whole garden, you have to choose the hose length properly. Take a good measurement of your garden and then only buy a hose. A retractable water hose reel 100 ft is enough for a medium to large garden.

Locking facility: It will cost you more if you buy a retractable hose. You must not keep such pricey products without security. Install padlocks or other types of securities. You can choose a product that comes with an inbuilt padlock system for security.

With child lock: In every household, one or more curious kids are there. You cannot control them when they team up and plan some naughty ideas. It is better to choose a retractable hose reel that comes with an inbuilt child lock facility.

Slow rewind function: Some spring-loaded hose reels retract to the housing as soon as you trigger the mechanism. In this way, you may face a brutal accident. It is always a good option to buy a reel that comes with a slow rewind function.

Hose end: You need to find a model that comes with a hose-end storage. Generally, this part of the hose gets dirty when you remove the gun from it. If dirt gets stuck to the pipe, it may malfunction after some days. So, find something in which you can keep the hose end when your job is done.

Spray gun: Some spray guns come in different shapes and sizes for various functions. You have to choose something as per your requirements. You can buy the whole kit, and your job will be easier.

Hose stopper: When you hit the mechanism after the job gets over, the hose will retract to the housing. But this stopper keeps the hose end out of the housing. You have to buy a product where they offer a good quality hose stopper.

Top products available under this category:

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1.flexzilla retractable water hose reel

Retractable Water Hose Reels


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If you are looking for a water hose that you can clean easily and that doesn’t get tangled, or knotted, the flexzilla retractable water hose reel is the perfect example. This product is famous for its durability and capability. This product is made with anodized aluminum fittings, and UV stabilized polypropylene. This is an all-weather-friendly product for the amazing raw materials used to make it. You will get seven hose brackets, and you can make it stop at any point as per your requirements.

The swivel of the flexzilla retractable water hose reel allows you a 180-degree movement. You can tag it to your wall or ceiling. The heavy-duty product is highly flexible and does justice to its name. It is a very lightweight yet quite durable product easily available in the market.

  • It retracts smoothly and has zero memory. You can make it work as per your wish.
  • It is an all-weather friendly product and very durable.
  • Easily mountable on the wall or ceiling.
  • The mounting holes are not designed like a pro.
  • The locking function doesn’t work properly.




2.Giraffe Tools Retractable Hose

Retractable Water Hose Reels

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It is not true that you only get a good quality product when you spend a lot of money. Giraffe tools are well known for providing you with good quality products at an affordable price. The ⅝ inch Giraffe Retractable Hose Reel can fulfill its duty properly. You can extend it up to 90 feet to water your plants. To extend the swivel reach, you can keep it at an 180 degree angle. You can pull the hose a little harder, and soon, the whole hose will get retracted inside the housing. You can get a 2-year warranty on the hardware.

You can easily remove the hose and replace it if you think. The mounting and unmounting process is pretty easy. You will get a slow rewind facility with this product. You will get a stopper that keeps the hose locked at any length as per your desire with this Giraffe Retractable Hose Reel.

  • Standard hose size available.
  • The product comes with an emergency stopping feature.
  • If you have a small compound, it is suitable for you.
  • This is not built for a bigger ground.


3.PINWHEEL Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount

Retractable Water Hose Reels

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This product comes from a very small yet versatile brand. The brand is well known for its versatility and also prepares some pricey high-end products. This retractable water hose reel 100 ft is perfect for your medium-sized garden. This product helps you to cover more than 15000 sq feet of garden. You can move the swivel around 180 degrees to cover as much of the garden as you can. Rotating the hose gun is very easy, and it can water each and every corner of the garden properly. This kit comes with ¾ inch brass fittings that can easily fit into your faucet mouth.

This kit comes with 9 different types of nozzles for different purposes. It takes around 18-21 seconds to retract fully, and it lasts up to 2000 retraction cycles. It can hold up to 350 PSI pressure and handle 32-120 F.

  • You can adjust the water volume easily.
  • It comes with different types of nozzles.
  • One can carry it easily after disassembling.
  • Though this product has a lot of beautiful features, it is on a little bit pricier side.
  • It cannot handle high water pressure.


4. Gardena Wall Mounted Retractable hose reel

Retractable Water Hose Reels

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This is a very popular brand when you consider garden water hoses. This product has ⅝ hose diameter, and the length is around 115 feet. You can cover a lot of areas across your garden with this product. If you have a medium to a large garden, this is a perfect water hose for that. It comes with a steel spring retraction mechanism that keeps the whole system workable after a lot of use. You will get dedicated hose guides with this kit. The hose guides keep the hose safe from tangling and twisting.

It also comes with a hose bracket. This Wall Mounted Retractable hose reel comes with different brackets. You will get several wash brushes, sprays, and nozzles with this kit. All of the accessories bear different functionalities. You will get a straight 2 year manufacturing warranty with the product.

  • The retraction speed is very fast compared to other products.
  • The retraction is safer as the steel spring mechanism is there.
  • It has a very long length, and you can water every corner of your garden easily with it.
  • This is not suitable for smaller grounds and for a medium budget.
  • The product is a little bit pricey though it has a lot of amazing features




5. Twinkle Star Retractable Hose Reel

Retractable Water Hose Reels

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This is a popular brand that prepares automatic retractable water hose reel for your garden. This particular product is 65 feet in length, and it is an air hose. You need to attach it to a compressor, and it will shoot the water as per your requirements. If you want to switch between watering or spraying mode, you just need to click on the quick-release button. High-quality industrial grade material is used to make the product. You can move the hose up to 180 degrees and water every corner of the garden quite easily. This is made for smaller gardens.

This product also comes with pivot brackets. You can keep the hose length customized as per your requirements.

  • This product comes with easy mounting facilities.
  • The price is quite competitive in the market.
  • This is a lightweight product and quite durable in nature
  • As the hose length is 65 feet only, this is not suitable for bigger gardens.





6. BluBird Retractable Water Hose Reel

Retractable Water Hose Reels

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BluBird retractable water hose reel is also suitable for smaller gardens only. This one comes with a 50 feet hose, and you can easily retract it by hitting a switch. It comes with ⅝ inch hose diameter, and it can handle up to 500 PSI water pressure. This is very light in weight and weighs around 40 pounds. This is also very flexible and very strong in nature.

BluBird retractable water hose reel comes with 9 types of nozzles for different spraying patterns. It can handle a wide temperature range from -50 to 212 F. It comes with different nozzles for different types of jobs.

  • Auto retract capacity is way better and stronger than other competitors.
  • It can handle a huge amount of water pressure
  • The hose length is 50 feet only. Hence, this is not suitable for bigger gardens.

Comparison Table:

ProductsLengthHose diameterWeight
Flexzilla70 feet½ inch27 pounds
Giraffe Tools90 feet⅝ inch28.4 pounds
PINWHEEL100 feet½ inch28.9 pounds
Garden Wall Mounted115 feet¾ inch19.78 pounds
Twinkle Star65 feet½ inch26.6 pounds
BluBird50 feet⅝ inch48.1 pounds


Now you know the top 6 retractable water hose reel available in the market, you can choose one for your garden. Please consider the features and available products in every kit. Choose wisely, and you can take care of your garden easily and more effectively with the right product.


  •    How do self winding hose reels work?

    There is a switch attached to the self winding garden hose reel. You just need to hit it, and the hose will retract fully within   the  housing. But before you hit the switch, please remove the gun from the hose.

  • How to fix a retractable water hose reel?

If you hit the switch, the hose will retract itself without any help. If the system is broken or out of order, you can take it to the nearest dealer shop or an efficient mechanic.

  • Are retractable garden hoses worth it?

      Of course they are. You do not retract the hose reel with your hands which seems tiresome work. So, buying an automatic retractable water hose reel is very important.