HOW TO START A HUSQVARNA LAWN MOWER? | 8-step-detailed explanation |Queries on lawn mower

How to start a Husqvarna lawn mower

On a verge to decide whether to purchase a lawn mower or not? Having doubts regarding the after-purchase process? Do not worry! We are here to answer all of your questions on using and maintaining Husqvarna lawn mower. This article is an attempt to clear most of the common questions of the Husqvarna lawn mower consumers.

  • How to clean an air filter on a lawnmower
  • How to get your lawn mower working again
  • How to start a push mower

This article will discuss how to start and maintain a residential push mower or walk mower.   For instructions on starting and maintaining your Husqvarna riding or zero-turn mower, refer to the owner’s manual specific to your model or your local Husqvarna service dealer. is the best way to learn about the future of lawn care, and the Auto mower or robotic lawn mower.

Let’s Dive-in on How to start Husqvarna lawn mower

Step 1: Empty your fuel tank

You will need to use regular unleaded gas unless you have a Husqvarna mower with a battery-powered engine. You shouldn’t use gas that has been in the tank for more than a month. You should not keep fuel in the tank longer than one month. Drain that old fuel now before you continue. You can follow the same process to drain the gas from your machine as you did for draining oil.

Step 2: Change the oil and sharpen the blades

Drain the old oil from the tank when it is empty. Your lawn mower’s oil should be changed at least once a season. After all old oil and fuel have been removed, inspect the mower and make sure the blades are sharpened.

Regularly inspect and sharpen lawn mower blades. You might need-

  • Socket wrench
  • Bracing tool or wood block
  • For sharpening, you can use a grinder or a manual file
  • Professionally or new sharpened blades

Note: Always unplug the spark plug before you change your mower blades.

Step 3: Fill the mower with oil and fuel

After you have completed most of the maintenance, fill your mower with oil and fuel. Husqvarna recommends regular, unleaded gasoline.  ethanol-free is most recommended. SAE 30 oil is recommended for residential push-and-walk mowers.

Step 4: Clean the filter

Most commonly, people use cleaning agent to clean the air filters, which is an absolute blender. Air filters can be damaged or destroyed by detergents. To clean the filter, use a compressor or a soft brush. To find the location of the air filter on your engine, refer to the owner’s guide. To replace an air filter, bringing it to the dealer is suggestable.

Step 5: Change your spark plug

The owner’s manual will show you where to find the location. To replace the spark plug, simply unscrew it and bring it to a Husqvarna service dealer. Spark plugs can be quite inexpensive so we recommend that you replace them every year.

Step 6: Clean the carburetor

The carburetor, which is an essential part of the engine’s combustion process, introduces air into the combustion process. This allows the engine to run. Sometimes, however, the carburetor may become blocked. To remove build-up, follow the instructions on the can of carburetor cleaner spray that is available at your local Husqvarna shop. Use an ethanol-free gasoline for your lawn mower to prevent future problems.

Step 8: Start your engines

Check the area for any debris before you start the mower’s engine. Also, make sure to clean up all tools. These steps will vary depending on the model.

  • Make sure the fuel valve is open (selected models).
  • Select models: Pump the primer bulb
  • Are you looking for a way to start a lawnmower without a primer? The primer bulb is an essential component of certain mower models. If your primer bulb is missing, broken, or damaged, your mower should be taken to a Husqvarna service dealer to have it replaced.
  • Select models have the option to set the choke lever to stop (selected models).
  • All models: Press the operator control button to the handle
  • Pull the starter cord till the engine starts (all models, except those equipped with an electric starter system).
  • Selected models have the option to turn off the choke
  • All models: Pull the starter cord to engage the engine
  • Selected models allow you to adjust the speed and engage the self-propelled system.
  • If the mower doesn’t start, try the troubleshooting guide provided in your owner’s manual. Or, visit the Husqvarna service dealer nearest you for professional assistance and advice.

Final Verdict:

On a complete note, it is really important to read the manual before using the lawn mower and use the right tools and equipment to maintain the Husqvarna lawn mower. Do reach us out by leaving your queries in the comment box.